Envelope Addressing Templates!

Jul 24, 2020

I recently finished an envelope exchange with my Fearless Flourishing online students and decided to update my Envelope Addressing Templates!

I created my own templates a couple years ago when I was trying to figure out the right x-height to address envelopes. After some tweaking and experimenting, I settled into using the 5mm x-height for most of my envelopes. However, for smaller envelopes  (ex: RSVP ones), I do recommend going smaller with the 4mm x-height so that you don't run out of space.


These templates include clearly marked x-heights, 55 degree slant lines, centered line, and the baseline is spaced apart justttt right for you to add in some flourishes without the letters looking cramped. I use them for both Copperplate/Spencerian script as their slant lines are really similar (Spencerian is usually written in 52 degree slant).

You can use these templates for both light and dark envelopes. I like to print them out on cardstock white paper so that it's more sturdier and I can reuse them again. You simply place your envelope on top of the template and use the center line as your reference point to keep your lines centered. If you are aligning every line to the left, you may want to draw in more vertical lines that's more personalized to your needs.

Here is a quick process of how I address light and dark envelopes...

  • Light Envelopes
    For white/cream envelopes, it's best to use a lightpad! I use the Treviewer Super Thin LED Tracing Lightpad and it's been such a lifesaver! Other popular lightboxes include the Huion Lightbox or the Artograph Lightbox. I place my template on top of the lightbox, then my envelope, and start writing.  There's no drawing or erasing lines. I highly recommend investing into a lightpad that has ample lit area for your work, and adjustable light settings. I bought the Treviewer one 6 years ago and still use it regularly today! I can't recommend it enough~
  • Dark Envelopes
    For colored envelopes, you won't be able to see the guidesheet with a lightpad, so I use a laser level! I've seen others use fancy laser tools, but I wanted something more minimal and portable. I'm content with my Black & Decker Laser Level from Amazon (only $15!). This is another 'must' tool in my book. How do you use the laser? You first place the envelope on top of the envelope template, center it, and then line up the laser to the baseline. When I'm writing on the second line, I like to move the envelope up to the next baseline vs. moving the laser level. Obviously you won't be able to have the laser guides for the other ascending/descending lines, but because I still see the template in front of me, I eyeball it to make sure I stay within the boundaries.

Ready to download the free envelope templates??
Click HERE to access it on my shop 💖

Please feel free to tag me if you use it and let me know what you think!



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