8/21/22 Book Launch Party 🎉🎉🎉

Sep 07, 2022

YAY, we did it!! We made it through my first book launch party 😄🎉💖

"Classic Calligraphy for Beginners" officially published on July 12, 2022 and I remember going back and forth if I should throw a party or not. I like to call myself an extroverted introvert. As an extrovert, I LOVE meeting people, connecting, socializing...but the introverted side of me doesn't like to draw attention to myself and would much rather choose to do a coffee date than be at a large event haha. But, with the encouragement of friends and recognizing that publishing a book is WORTH celebrating, I figured...why not?? :) It ended up being a heartfelt & joyous time that will be forever be etched in my memory. Not only was I blessed to be surrounded by my dear community of family and friends, I loved meeting online students and insta-friends in real life! 

All I know is that I could not have pulled it off on my own. When they say "it takes a village to raise a child", it was the same with this book baby. There were SO many hands and help offered by vendors, friends, family who really stepped in to make this event unforgettable ❤️

We held the event at the Poolhouse in Irvine, which was a beautiful open space that had both indoor and outdoor areas. Leading up to the party, we had about 100 people RSVP, so we decided to set up the charcuterie spread/mimosas/boba station outdoors and did a beautiful dessert bar indoors.

Charcuterie Spread: Lovingly made by friends Sharon, Christine, Kim
Boba Station: Homemade by friend Sijii; Labels made in Procreate + Cameo by yours truly
Desserts: Macarons (@jenniferchungyeh) Cookies/Mochi Cakes(@bake.ah.ry), Fruit Tarts (@ari.baking.archives) , Dessert Shooters (Sweet and Saucy), Custom Cookies (@sweetsbykeeks)

Another area that I wanted to offer was a mini calligraphy pop up shop so that guests could browse and pick up items that they may want for their calligraphy journey. I was excited to showcase some of my new products like the cursive workbooks, writing mat, dropper bottle set, various inks, etc. My online shop opened in 2016, but it was always really small with limited offerings. Preparing for this party helped pushed me to expand my shop and I'm so happy with how it turned out! *Back story: We borrowed a bookshelf from a friend to create this layout. Didn't Amy + her team style this shop so beautifully??  🥲

Florals@echofloral , @sweetpeapetals 
(absolutely loved all the elegant florals spread throughout the entire space!
Thank you to these talented ladies!)

Other things we did was a scrapbooking table (We borrowed Polaroid cameras and I brought all my used brush pens, pens, markers so that guests can take pics and write me a message! It was a last minute idea I had but I'm so glad we did it as I will forever cherish it ✨), a time for book signing, a photobooth area, and gave away 2 raffle prizes! A big THANK YOU to Speedball Company for generously donating towards the raffle prizes. Two of my students ended up winning and their reaction was priceless <3

Though our entire family needed a week to recover from this party, I am SO happy it went smoothly and that the guests seemed to enjoy their time. Tim jokingly said it felt like our wedding day all over again...I mean, it did happen a week after our 14th wedding anniversary haha. 

Last but not least...

  • Thank you Amy from White Blossom Events for helping me plan this epic book launch party!! I really could not have done it without your help in every aspect. You are truly an extraordinary planner, gifted in many ways.
  • Thank you Joy for helping to capture this party & for being my book photographer! You truly helped bring my vision to life!! All those hours doing photoshoots, taking 1000+ captures, edits...have produced a timeless book that I will treasure for life. Honored to have worked alongside you for this dream project.
  • Thank you to our friends, Mike and Cheryl for coming to help capture this meaningful event through photography & videography! You can check out a recap video that Mike made on my Youtube channel HERE

[Pictured left to right: White Blossom Events, Joy Theory Co, Mike/Cheryl]

That's a wrap!! If you are also wondering if you should throw a book party...I can confidently say GO FOR IT!! :) It will be worth it to make these memories and connect with your supporters in a fun way. 

As always, thank you for coming alongside my in this creative journey & for supporting our family!

Younghae, Tim, Jordan, Jacoby, Jude



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