Fearless Flourishing

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Learn how to add charm and beauty to your letters through flourishing!

You've admired all the beautiful flourished words/pieces on Instagram, and if you are anything like me 6 years ago, you are ITCHING to try, but don't know where to start! Good news - there is a method to the madness and I'm here to walk you through the entire process. If done correctly, flourishing can instantly add elegance and elevate your lettering.

Now is your chance to learn! After years of practicing, playing with how lines intersect, teaching hundreds of students in person & thousands online, I'm excited to pass on my love for flourishing. Through this Fearless Flourishing online course, I will walk you through all the basic concepts, demonstrate various letter flourishes, show you the beauty of seeing ovals & more so that you will leave with a trained eye and be inspired to start flourishing with confidence!

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Lifetime Access & Updates

I get that life can be unpredictable. We will all start together, but there is no end date to the course. Follow along with the recommended schedule or go at your own pace! With lifetime access, you can revisit the course videos as much as you wish!

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Homework Assignments

Move from being a passive to an active learner by implementing what you learned. After each Module, I will be releasing fun prompts via homework exercises for you to put your pen onto paper. Though it is suggested, students have the most success by completing the exercises.

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2 Bonus Lessons!

In addition to learning how to flourish letters, I also love ornamental flourishing and adding florals/leaves! In the bonus lessons, we will go over how to incorporate basic florals and leaves into your letters and I'll also share tips on composition when it comes to longer pieces.

What Exactly is in the Course?

The course is made up of 4 teaching modules, with individual lessons within each module. The structure is set up so that you can easily move along the lessons and pick up where you left off. Including all the bonus videos, there are over 20 video lessons provided for you! 

MODULE 1 - Introduction to Flourishing
Lesson 1.1 - What is a Flourish?
Lesson 1.2 - Basic Rules to Flourishing
Lesson 1.3 - Warm Up Drills
Lesson 1.4 - Four Types of Flourishes

MODULE 2 - Lowercase Letter Flourishes
Lesson 2.1 - Ascending Stem Loops (b,d,f,h,k,l)
Lesson 2.2 - Descending Stem Loops ( (f, g, j, p, q, y, z)
Lesson 2.3 - End Flourishes
Lesson 2.4 - Letters without Loops & Understanding Negative Space
Lesson 2.5 - Connecting letters with a flourish/crossbar

MODULE 3 - Uppercase Letter Flourishes
Lesson 3.1 - Capital Stem Variations
Lesson 3.2 - Entrance Stroke Variations
Lesson 3.3 - DEMO: Group 1A - Letters that start with a Capital Stem (A, M, N, I, J)
Lesson 3.4 - DEMO: Group 1B - Letters that start with a Capital Stem (P, B, R, I ,F, D)
Lesson 3.5 - DEMO: Group 2 - Letters that start with a Horizontal Oval Entrance Stroke (S, L, G, C, E, O)
Lesson 3.6 - DEMO: Group 3 - Letters that start with a Vertical Oval Entrance Stroke (Z, U, X, Y, Q)
Lesson 3.7 - DEMO: Group 4 - Letters that start with Compound Curve Entrance Stroke (V, W, H, K)
Lesson 3.8 - Combining Uppercase/Lowercase flourishes. Feedback on Student Examples

MODULE 4 - Ornamental Design
Lesson 4.1 - What is ornamental design?
Lesson 4.2 - Drawing florals, wheat, leaves
Lesson 4.3 - Adding simple ornamental design to names


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Chantelle Takata - @brieandink

Los Angeles, California

"I just could not figure out how to do flourishes that didn't look awkward. The course was great at teaching the basic fundamentals that can be applied to both copperplate or any other form of script. The examples provided helped create a base I could experiment with to make my own go-to flourish patterns"

Homework should always be this fun...

Each student will receive 70 pages of extensive instructional worksheets, course scans, and homework exercises...all the resources you need to get started right! The homework exercises are meant to motivate you to be active learners by implementing what you visually learn from the videos onto paper.

What Fearless Flourishing alumni are saying:

"I liked these exercises. I don't usually warm up too much but I definitely see the benefit of muscle memory here" - Kathy

"Hi y'all! 🤗🙋I am so overwhelmed by the beautiful way Younghae teaches us! I just had to write a big thank you! It is amazing how you enable us newbies to do some beautiful flourishes just after a few days of practice! Thank you, Younghae! 🙏😍🤗" - Sabine

"Love the drills! Helped me improve my grasp and get use to lighter pressure which allowed me to use a softer nib" - Len T.

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Bernice van Overbeek - @bernice_lettersandthings

Eersel, The Netherlands

"I didn’t know what to do with flourishes. I learned how to see white spaces, to work from ovals and where you can (and can’t!) apply flourishes to your design. Especially learned that less often is more! The professional quality of the videos are incredible so it’s a joy to watch. After this course, I have take some other online courses, but most don’t have this quality. Younghae’s course is build up in logic segments. She really starts with the basics (forms, letter variations, florals) and builds up to making beautiful final pieces. Her explanations are clear, thorough and the provided handouts are very useful"

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What You Get

  • Lifetime Access to Course
  • Lifetime Updates
  • Private Community Group 
  • 70 pages of instructional handouts, course scans, homework exercises
  • 20+ bite sized video lessons 
  • Two bonus video lessons
  • 7 weeks of guidance and support from me
  • Invitation to 2 Live Sessions
  • & more!

Frequently Asked Questions

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Course Registration

Here are the payment options for this course:

One Time Payment


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3 Monthly Payments


Bite sized payments

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Extended monthly plan

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Supplies/Materials Needed

The following is a recommended list of materials you will need for the course:

  • A Pencil & Eraser - Any brand is fine! I personally like using 0.5mm or 0.7mm mechanical pencil, but you can also use any pencil at hand
  • Pen Holder - Straight or oblique is fine. A good starter holder is the Dual Workshop Holder ($6.49) or the Moblique holder. This wooden one has a metal screw flange.
  • Paper to print Course Downloads on - HP Premium32 is a good one, but if that's not available in your country, use any smooth paper that takes ink well without bleeding! You can also use Borden & Riley #37 Marker Layout Paper or Canson Pro Layout Marker Paper on top of your guidesheets.
  • Ink - My favorite is the Moon Palace Sumi Ink or Tom Norton's Walnut ink
  • Pointed, flexible nib - Use whatever nib you are most comfortable with. I personally enjoy writing with a Hunt 22Nikko GLeonardt Principal EF, Gillott 404
  • Computer/Laptop with Wifi - The course videos can only be accessible through a browser and internet access. Registration is for one person only. Downloading/sharing/recording the videos is strictly prohibited
  • Printer - I will be providing scans, worksheets, homework exercises that you can print out. You may want to put them in protective sheets in a binder for your self study!
  • *Good to Have* Copperplate Graph Pad. I use it for designing, sketching and highly recommend getting one that you can use for the bonus videos! Both John Neal and Paper Ink Arts carry them!

If you need to purchase supplies online, I have a teacher page set up through John Neal (under "Favorites") and Paper Ink Arts.Please use code "LOGOS" for extra 5% off. They ship worldwide.

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Deborah M

“I just finished watching the composition video and the final words of encouragement video. I have to say that this has been an amazing course and you are an exemplary teacher! I have learned so much. I now have a point of view and know HOW to approach flourishes in my work. I am finally opening up my flourishes so they have more space and room and my work is beginning to look more like what I want it to. I know that I will continue to go back and watch all the videos. I will be ever grateful for all I have learned”

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