Tips when using Finetec & Handmade Paper

Mar 29, 2022

As calligraphers, the words "Finetec" and "handmade paper" are no strangers to us. In fact, I actually got introduced to Finetec during my first Copperplate workshop back in 2014! My instructor had demonstrated writing our names with it and I was so mesmerized by the shimmer and how elegant it looked on paper. I bought my first palette right away and now I'm honored to be an Art Ambassador with Royal Talens who helps distribute Finetec in North America.

Finetec is a line of high quality watercolor and offers a variety of transparent, neon, pearlescent, iridescent, metallic colors that work beautifully for calligraphy.

How to use - Finetec comes in pans and in order to properly use it with a pointed nib, you will need to dilute it with water until you get a milk like consistency. Add a couple drops of distilled water directly onto the pan (I like to keep my water in a dropper bottle), mix with a brush, and load it onto the nib (both front and back!) until it covers the eye of the nib. You want to make sure you add just enough water so that it will flow nicely as you write. Here is an instagram video of how I load the finetec onto the nib.

Handmade Paper - Ah, I love the deckled edges and textured look of handmade paper. Over the years, there's been more makers in the community that offer handmade paper. Some of my favorites include:

Depending on the maker, some handmade paper may be more porous than others. I find that Share Studios paper works really well with ink. I don't experience any bleeding and the surface seems to be smoother than others I've tried. 

Nib Choice & Angle - I also wanted to address that your nib choice will be important when working with textured, handmade paper! My personal favorite nib for metallic + handmade paper is Gillot 404. It has a medium flex nib with a sturdier tip that does not catch easily on the upstrokes.

I tend to stay away from nibs with a delicate tip like Hunt 101 or Leonardt Principal EF because the tip can pull on the fibers of the paper. If you encounter similar issues where the nib catches on the paper, you can also try lowering the angle of the nib to the paper. My Tom's Studio pen holder has been a game changer because I can fully adjust the nib angle and customize it to my liking! Take a look at my unboxing video where you can see how that works.

Lastly, if you are in the Maui, Hawaii area and would like to join me for an in person workshop, you can sign up here! I'd love to meet you! :)

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