Spencerian Strokes

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Learn the delicate strokes of this timeless script...

Developed by Platt Rogers Spencer (1800-1864), Spencerian is a form of penmanship that grew in popularity and was considered America's writing standard during the 19th and early 20th century. To no surprise, these graceful and romantic letterforms continue to be well sought out today.

In this Spencerian Strokes course, we will take a deeper look into the principles, study the structures, and I will walk you through each letterform so that you can easily learn and start incorporating this beautiful script into meaningful, handwritten projects like cards, letters, weddings, and more!

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Comprehensive Instructional Videos

Each module is meant to build upon each other so we will begin with warm ups, nib exercises, basic principles strokes and then move onto the breakdown of each letterform. I will be sharing tips and techniques along the way so you can gain a greater understanding of how to execute them well.

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Lifetime Access & Updates

I get that life can be unpredictable. We will all start together, but there is no end date to the course. Follow along with the recommended schedule or go at your own pace! With lifetime access, you can revisit the course videos as much as you wish. 

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Detailed Handouts

In addition to the course videos, you will receive 90+ pages of detailed handouts with my personal notes, homework exercises, scans, guidesheets that are laid out like an e-book. This will be a supplemental resource for you to refer to as you go through the course.


What Exactly is in the Course?

The course is made up of 6 teaching modules, with individual lessons within each module. The structure is set up so that you can easily move along the lessons and pick up where you left off. Including the bonus video on numbers/symbols, there are over 25+ video lessons provided for you! 

MODULE 1 - Introduction to Spencerian
Lesson 1.1 - What is Spencerian?
Lesson 1.2 - Understanding Your Guidesheet
Lesson 1.3 - Basic Supplies You need to get Started
Lesson 1.4 - Setting up your workspace, posture, pen hold

MODULE 2 - Warm Up Exercises
Lesson 2.1 - Why We need to Warm Up
Lesson 2.2 - Warm Up Exercises & Drills
Lesson 2.3 - Nib Exercises

MODULE 3 - Lowercase Basic Principles
Lesson 3.1 - Straight line, Right curve, Left curve
Lesson 3.2 - Upper Extended Loop
Lesson 3.3 - Lower Extended Loop
Lesson 3.4 - Semi Angular Oval

MODULE 4 - Lowercase Letters
Lesson 4.1 - Short Letters- Group 1a (i, u, w)
Lesson 4.2 - Short Letters - Group 1b (n, m, v, x)
Lesson 4.3 - Short Letters - Group 1c (a, o, e, c)
Lesson 4.4 - Short Letters - Group 1c (r, s)

Lesson 4.5 - Semi Extended Letters - Group 2 (t, d, p, q)
Lesson 4.6 - Extended Letters - Group 3a (h, k, l, b)
Lesson 4.7 - Extended Letters - Group 3b (j, y, g, z, f)

MODULE 5 - Connecting Letters
Lesson 5.1 - Cross Drills
Lesson 5.2 - How to connect letters
Lesson 5.3 - Spacing between Words

MODULE 6 - Uppercase Letters

Lesson 6.1 - Basic Principle Strokes for Uppercase Letters
Lesson 6.2 - Direct Oval Letters (O, C, D, E, A)
Lesson 6.3a - Reverse Oval Letters (N, M, H, K)
Lesson 6.3b - Reverse Oval Letters (X, W, Z, Q)
Lesson 6.3c - Reverse Oval Letters (V, U, Y, I, J)
Lesson 6.4a - Capital Stem Letters (P, B, R)
Lesson 6.4b - Capital Stem Letters (T, F, S, G, L)

Numbers & Symbols

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Module 1

Introduction to Spencerian. We will go over a brief history of this script, how to use your guidesheets and how to set up properly before we write.

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Module 2

Warm Up Exercises & Drills. We will begin by loosening up our muscles with various warm up exercises. Then we will do some nib exercises to understand the flexibility of the nib. 

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Module 3

Lowercase Basic Principles. Master the 6 basic strokes that are fundamental to Spencerian lowercase letters! I will share tips and common errors so you can know what to watch out for.

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Module 4

Lowercase Letters. It's time to combine the basic principle strokes together! There are 3 major sub categories that make up lowercase letters (short, semi extended, and extended). We will breakdown each of the letterforms and how to practice with intention.

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Module 5

Connecting Letters. After doing a new exercise called cross drills, learn how to connect different combinations together as we examine various ligatures, and talk about spacing between words so that your overall piece looks balanced.

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Module 6

Uppercase Letters. We will begin with uppercase basic principle strokes and then move onto 3 major sub categories (direct oval letters, reverse oval letters, and capital stem letters). Learn how to beautifully execute them with confidence!

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Lily Antonacci

Montreal, Quebec, Canada

"I had never done Spencerian before and this class really goes into details on all the letter forms. I never could have learnt this script without all the instructions. I would recommend all of Younghae's classes. I've done the copperplate, the flourishing and the spencerian class and I found the instructional videos very detailed, allowing you to really understand how to form the letters correctly.

The guidesheets provided really help to keep your letters consistent and on the proper slant. The live sessions are really helpful for anything you've missed and needs to be corrected. The community group will keep you motivated and Younghae will often check in and offer advice on homework. Every single class I've taken, I've seen improvement by the end. Younghae's passion for calligraphy and sharing it with others really comes across in her work, I would recommend these classes to anyone who has an interest in pursuing calligraphy."

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Claudia Moller 

Bavaria, Germany

"I had previously taken an online course in Spencerian, but I was still unfamiliar with the script afterwards. So I was excited when Younghae offered a Spencerian course and I booked it straight away.

Younghae has a great way of categorizing the individual letters and breaking them down into individual parts in such a way that each letter can be composed of a few recurring strokes. The ingenious thing about it is that the letters don't look "technical" afterwards, but Younghae knows how to convey a wonderful overall picture of the script. 

She has a very calm and loving way of teaching, so that everyone experiences great appreciation"

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What's Included

  • Lifetime Access + Free Updates to Course (value $597)
  • Private Community Group  (value $297)
  • Detailed instructional handouts, course scans, homework exercises  (value $79)
  • Instructional Videos that is equivalent to taking 3 of my in person workshops  (value $450)
  • 9 weeks of guidance and support from me  (value $350)
  • Invitation to 2 Live Sessions + future rounds (value $297)
  • & more!

Frequently Asked Questions

Live Sessions

In addition to the support you will receive from the private Community group, I will be hosting two live sessions per round. During the session, I will be providing in depth group feedback using your classmates' homework examples, share additional tips, demo, and help answer any questions that come up! These are always fun to do and my students continue to challenge me ;)

Can't make it live? No worries, students have the opportunity to ask questions in advance and will be given access to the replay videos!

"Thank you so much. This was really helpful. =0)" -Michelle

"Thank you Younghae, great live session, love your video lessons!" -Jiun

"The live sessions are really helpful for anything you've missed and needs to be corrected." -Lillian

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Course Registration

*Note - Your registration includes lifetime access to the course for as long as the course exists + access to free updates + opportunities to join in future rounds/live sessions.

Here are the payment options for this course:

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Extended monthly payments

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Supplies Needed for the Course

The following is a recommended list of materials you will need for the course:

  • Pen Holder¬†- I personally write with an oblique, but if you prefer the straight, that's fine too! A good inexpensive starter holder is the¬†Dual Workshop Holder¬†($6.49) or the¬†Moblique holder. You can read more about penholders on my blog¬†here.
  • Paper¬†to print guidesheets on.¬†HP Premium32¬†is a good one, but if that's not available in your country, use any smooth paper that takes ink well without bleeding! You can also use¬†Borden & Riley #37 Marker Layout Paper,¬†Canson Pro Layout Marker Pad, or Bienfang Marker Pad on top of your guidesheet
  • Ink¬†- My favorite black ink is the¬†Moon Palace Sumi¬†Ink. I also love practicing with¬†walnut ink. It's nice to play around with colors but for the course, it's best to keep it simple. I like to keep my inks in these¬†inkwells or dropper bottles to store my ink.¬†
  • Pointed, flexible nib¬†- I personally enjoy¬†writing with a¬†Hunt 22b,¬†Nikko G,¬†Leonardt Principal EF, and¬†Gillott 404. For this particular script, I like staying with the firm to medium-flex nibs vs. super flexible nibs. Because everyone's hand is so different, try a variety of nibs to see what you are most comfortable with.
  • A Pencil & Eraser¬†- I recommend using a mechanical pencil (.5mm or .7mm). Any brand is okay. My personal favorite is Pentel Graphgear 500.
  • Colored Pens/Pencils - *Optional* I will be using colored pens to further demo the strokes and like using them for my study. Feel free to follow along with your own colored pens!
  • Computer/Laptop¬†with¬†Wifi¬†- The course videos can only be accessible through a browser and internet access. Course registration is for¬†ONE person only.¬†Downloading/sharing/recording the videos is strictly prohibited
  • Printer¬†- I will be providing scans, worksheets, homework exercises that you can print out at home. You may want to put them in protective sheets in a binder for your self study!

If you need to purchase supplies online, I have a teacher page set up through John Neal and Paper and Ink Arts. Please use code "LOGOS" for extra 5% off. They ship worldwide!

Difference between Copperplate & Spencerian

If you've ever wondered about the differences between these two popular scripts, you can read about it in my blog post! Though there are subtle differences, I find that they complement each other wonderfully.

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