Welcome! This will be a place where I will share quick links to my favorite supplies, free downloads, and other helpful resources for your calligraphy journey ❤️

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Calligraphy/Art Supplies

Stop wasting money and get started with proper and quality materials. Sharing a list of my favorite calligraphy supplies that I use and/or highly recommend! 

Recommended Supplies
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Youtube Channel

Sharing Copperplate calligraphy + other art related tips, tutorials over on my channel. 
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My Book!

So thrilled to introduce two of my favorite scripts - Copperplate & Spencerian as well as various creative projects to inspire you forward. Releasing July 2022.

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Numbers Guidesheet

With embedded ovals, slanted lines, and x-height of 0.5inch, this free guidesheet will help you to practice numbers thoughtfully.

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Envelope Addressing Templates

3 page envelope addressing templates that contains slant line, center line, and x-heights that are spaced apart just right for your flourishes

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Stem Loop Guidesheet

Struggling with those ascending and descending stem loops? Download this guidesheet to practice towards being more consistent with those strokes!


New & Improved

With clearly marked guidelines, 55 degree slant line, x-height, and my signature embedded ovals ... you can now practice with intention and conquer those letters!

"Thank you so much Younghae! I've been troubled, being a rank beginner, about the size and slant of ovals for both lowercase and uppercase. Your worksheets will help me with that issue as well as with all the other letters. Someone told me that Copperplate is build on ovals and the more I learn, the more I believe that. Thanks again!" -Margaret

I love the oval-embedded guide sheets and those are helping a lot with keeping the shapes consistent so I will definitely keep practicing with those!  -Alexandra

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