Private Corporate Event - NC Interactive (NCSOFT West)

Private Corporate Event - NC Interactive (NCSOFT West)


Introduction to Copperplate Calligraphy

Friday, November 16th
Time: 2-5pm


In this workshop, we will cover all the basics of learning this elegant and versatile script! From understanding the tools of pointed pen calligraphy, basic strokes/pressures, we will also learn how to breakdown and write each of the lowercase letter.

Learning the rules of Copperplate calligraphy will help you to later “break the rules with intent” to develop your own style of writing.

This workshop is perfect for beginners or experienced calligraphers who desire to gain a strong foundation in Copperplate calligraphy. 

All supplies/materials will be included:

  • Instructional Booklet

  • Penholder

  • Nibs

  • Ink

  • Copperplate Practice Pad - Lowercase Letter

  • Practice Paper

Looking forward to meeting you soon!

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