2019 In Person Workshops

Come learn calligraphy in an intimate and fun setting. Workshop dates and class details are below. See you there!

January 19 - "Introduction to Copperplate Calligraphy- Part 1" | Santa Ana, CA @ M.Lovewell | Register HERE
February 7 - "Introduction to Copperplate Calligraphy - Part 2" | Santa Ana, CA @ M.Lovewell | Register HERE


Class descriptions


introduction to Copperplate calligraphy - part 1

Basic Strokes & Lowercase Letters - In this class, we will cover all the basics from understanding the tools of pointed pen calligraphy, basic strokes/pressures, breakdown of each lowercase letter, practice joining letters, and go over some common errors.

Learning the rules of Copperplate calligraphy will help you to later “break the rules with intent” to develop your own style of writing.

This class is perfect for beginners or experienced calligraphers who desire to gain a strong foundation in Copperplate calligraphy. 


introduction to copperplate calligraphy - part 11

Uppercase Letters & Mediums - This class is recommended for those who have taken my “Introduction to Copperplate Calligraphy- Part 1” workshop OR someone with basic calligraphy experience. In this class, we will be working on muscular movement drills and break down the strokes and techniques needed to master each capital letter! We will go through each capital letter and talk through common errors as well as how to critically practice when you go home. I will also bring some different mediums (watercolor, metallic ink) and demonstrate how you can incorporate them with your calligraphy.


basic flourishing & design

If done correctly, a flourish should not take away from the letterforms, but add to it. In this class, we will learn how to add flourishes to letters (both lowercase and capitals) elegantly, and how to incorporate florals/leaves with our calligraphy to leave a lasting impression on your friends and clients

Photo Credit:  Erin   J Saldana

Photo Credit: Erin J Saldana