Teaching Calligraphy

IMG_2962 One of the quotes that resonated with me from Kathy Milici's class at IAMPETH was something her husband had said to her- "Don't think you are just teaching calligraphy". When she said those words, it brought back a flood of memories of how my journey into calligraphy happened and I couldn't hold back the tears. For me, calligraphy is the beauty that came out of ashes. In midst of some of the darkest/painful seasons in my life as a mother and a wife, slowing down to write again brought much healing to my soul. As I began to practice every night, doing drills to writing scriptural verses, I started to experience joy again.


My personal journey into calligraphy affects the way I value my workshops. When I teach calligraphy, it's not just about imparting knowledge and techniques (which I do! ;)) It's about people. Building relationships, hearing their stories, and spreading the JOY of handwriting again. This journey has been life-giving in so many ways and whether people take a class for fun, as a hobby, or for business, I wish the same for them <3

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A thousand hugs and thank you to my amazing creative friends who helped make these workshops so beautiful!

Venue: SJ Design Studio Florals: By Min Events & Flowers by Joey Baked Goods: Hyung Bae & Dana Yu Photography: Dana Yu